Annual General Assembly – May 29, 2023

Notice of convocation

You are invited, members of the Fondation Gisèle Faubert, to a General Assembly.

Date: May 29, 2023
Time: 7 pm
Location: Salle communautaire Roger-Tougas (salle #1) – 730, boul. Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Mercier (QC) J6R 1G6

  1. Opening welcome and commencement of the Assembly
  2. Election of an Assembly President and Secretary
  3. Reading and approval of the agenda
  4. Reading and approval of the minutes of the AGA of June 15
  5. Report from the Board of Directors
  6. Presentation of the financial statements
  7. Nomination of an election president
  8. Election of the Board of Directors members*
  9. Other business
  10. Discussions and questions
  11. Adjournment of the Assembly

*Election process: the Board of Directors is formed of 13 administrators, elected for a 2-year mandate, with the following positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and administrators.
Members of the Board of Directors who have indicated their interest in renewing their mandate: Dominique Cimon, Cerdeline Sandra Noupeupong, Jean-François Primeau and Danielle Savoie
Positions up for election at the 2023 AGA: 7 administrators
The newly-formed Board of Directors will elect an Executive Committee amongst the new Board.

Mandates of the Board of Directors:

  • Ensuring the sound management of the Foundation.
  • Assist the Foundation in reaching its long term goals.
  • Support the Foundation’s mission of achieving the construction of a palliative care home in the Montérégie West region, to provide residents of all 65 municipalities with a calm, serene and welcoming space for an end-of-life with dignity. Built on strong values, the Maison Gisèle-Faubert will offer quality care and committed personnel to support families with humanity.

Thank you for your precious collaboration and we hope to meet you in this occasion.

Kevin Boyle
President of the Board of Directors, Fondation Gisèle Faubert