The Fondation Gisèle Faubert Inc. has a mandate to build, administer and operate a palliative care home on the MRC de Roussillon’s territory. The house will have the capacity to accommodate 8 patients. Among the 8 rooms available, one of them will have a pediatric vocation. The Foundation’s goal is to open the doors of the house in 2023.

The project to open a palliative care home was launched on October 22nd, 2016 during a press conference, and a press release was sent out across Quebec. The benefits of opening this kind of house in the area are incalculable. This type of service offers end-of- life people peace of mind in a soothing and comforting environment. In addition, there is a higher quality of service offered in a palliative care home versus the public service related to the standard of one nurse for four patients.

There is a considerable need for the West Monteregie regarding palliative care beds. According to the Government, there is a need of one bed of palliative care for every population of 10,000. With a deficit of 12 palliative care beds for the West Monteregie, our region has the largest deficit in Quebec.

The Fondation Gisèle Faubert Inc. aims to open the doors of the future house in 2023. To do so, it has set a goal to raise, over the next three years, $ 5.5 million in order to cover the cost of construction, and the administration costs of two (2) years of operation. The cost of construction is estimated at $ 4 million and the annual cost of operations is $ 1,4 million. For the Foundation, it is really important to offer longevity to this project.